This meme has been given the name Crying Cat Meme, or Schmuserkadser, and it has gained great popularity mainly because of the use of humor accompanied by sadness. These touched-up pictures of cats with watery eyes have reached membrane status as well as moved individuals all over the world with their sense of humor. This article will follow the logical structure of presenting the subject’s background, explanation, importance, and issues connected to this famous meme.

Key Takeaways

• Crying Cat Memes, or Schmuserkadser are circulated on the Internet, with the photographs of cats doctored so that they look as if they are crying with their eyes red and glassy.

• It has humor and tragedy, something that makes many people appreciate this movie.

• This meme has changed the Internet and encouraged people to create other types of memes and variations of the phenomenon.

• Currently, some programs and applications can create your crying cat meme.

• Due to the popularity of the meme, merchandise derivatives have been produced, but the creation of such merchandise has several ethical concerns and issues.

Origins of the Crying Cat Meme

cat crying meme'
cat crying meme’

First Appearances Online

The Crying Cat meme, also known as Schmuserkadser, first appeared online as a series of photoshopped images of cats with teary, glassy eyes to appear as though they were sad. The exact origins of the meme are somewhat murky, But it quickly gained popularity on various internet forums and social media platforms. Early versions of the meme often included captions that added a humorous or ironic twist to the cat’s sorrowful expression. 

Early Popularity

It is thus quite possible that the meme would have elicited more laughter when it was relatively new because of its relevance and the global appeal of cats. It became the topic people started sharing and came up with their twists, thus it was quick to go viral and around the internet. The citing cat meme is popular in Internet culture wherein the cat was usually adopted to express frustration, sorrow, or even humorously express empathy. And soon enough, the meme was being referred to and put into articles and blogs that further popularised its place on the World Wide Web.

The crying cat meme: all depict an internet-era history of tears and laughs, helping capture the character of the internet humor.

Cat Memes
Cat Memes

The Anatomy of a Crying Cat Meme


Visual Elements

The crying cat meme, also known as Schmuserkadser, is characterized by photoshopped images of cats with teary, glassy eyes to appear as though they are sad. These visual elements are crucial in evoking an emotional response from viewers. The exaggerated tears and sad expressions make these memes relatable and shareable.

Common Themes

Two crying cat memes are commonly based on cliches that encompass the different elements of sadness, disappointment, and irony. It can be used to announce frustration or to draw attention to the fact that something is illogical and nonsensical. The revelation of emotions as represented in the crying cat’s eyes makes/them appealing for so many uses.

Cat Memes
Cat Memes

Popular Variations

There are several popular variations of the crying cat meme, including There are several popular variations of the crying cat meme, including:

• Screaming crying cat meme

• Crying cat meme hearts

• Crying screaming cat meme

All the options give some new spin that can make targeting appropriate crying cat memes in the desired subject very simple.

This paper will look at the cultural aspect of the crying cat meme, the kind of impact it has in the society in terms of cultural values as well as issues that are likely to arise if the meme catches on in the society.

It has reached a popularity level whereby it has become mainstream, especially in recreating itself in different forms in the internet community. It has created a vast fan base because it is applicable in explaining emotions, including sadness and irony. This particular meme has been found in many features on the internet, especially on social websites, blogs, and even in many magazines. It is not just a simple joke but represents something that is shared among millions of people around the world.

Given that the Cry Cat Meme was successful, there are lots of spin-offs and extensions to the same. These involve the crying meme with sounds as used in screaming citing cat memes, the crying meme with hearts such as the crying cat meme hearts, and the crying cat heart meme. All of these variations introduce something new and interesting, so the meme continues to be interesting to a considerable number of people.

The Crying Cat Meme has inspired a whole genre of hysterical cat memes that remind us why cats rule the internet.

The Crying Cat Meme is more than just a humorous image; it reflects our shared emotional experiences in a relatable and amusing manner.

How to Create Your Crying Cat Meme

Creating your own Crying Cat meme is an enjoyable and imaginative process. Whether you want to create a loudly crying cat meme or a more subtle version, here’s how to get started.

Tools and Software

To create a Crying Cat meme, Remember the following text: “You’ll need some basic tools and software. Here are a few recommendations:”

  • Photo Editing Software: Programs like Photoshop or GIMP are great for detailed edits.
  • Online Meme Generators: Websites like the crying cat meme generator are insanely fast and mobile-friendly.
  • Mobile Apps: Apps like Meme Generator Free or Mematic are perfect for on-the-go meme creation.

Step-by-Step Guide

Choose Your Image: Using a cat picture as a starting point, begin drafting the image. In detail, the use of symbolic pictures or iconography is used in artworks where the more obvious the representation of the subject, the better.

Cat Memes
Cat Memes

Add Tears: Volunteer for the assignment of installing teary and glassy eyes on the cat using your photo editing tool. This is the criterion that distinguishes a Crying Cat meme from any other meme.

Crying Cat Memes
Crying Cat Memes

Add Text: Come up with a laugh or witty comment alongside the photo or image you want to post. Position it over the main object or at its lower part.

Crying Cat Memes
Crying Cat Memes

Save and Share: Sadly there is no way to save your meme in its original format as a shareable image file like JPEG or PNG. Forward it through a social media platform or invite someone to receive it in their inbox.

It is very crucial to learn that while making a Crying Cat meme, it is not simply about using tools and logging; it is about getting into the feel of the emotion and humor of the meme.

With these steps and tools, you‘re ready to create your own enjoyable and astonishing Crying Cat memes. Happy meme-making!

Types of the Crying Cat Memes

About Crying Cat memes, are popular on the internet and exist in different types to satisfy the varied needs of the users. Regardless of whether you like to read the captions, which are usually placed under the image, or watch the animated pictures, you can find an excellent Crying Cat meme for yourself. In this section, we will take a closer look at the key types that you will stumble upon in the net.

Static Images

Static images are the most common format for Crying Cat memes. These are simple, often photoshopped images of cats with teary, glassy eyes to appear as though they are sad. You can find countless images tagged “crying cat” on meme generators or social media platforms. These images are easily created and shared, making them a staple in meme culture.

Crying Cat Memes
Crying Cat Memes

GIFs and Videos

While those who have a bit more time on their hands love the Crying Cat memes represented in GIFs and videos as well. This makes the memes even more enjoyable because they often include animated formats that are funny and emotional. You can also generate your pictures using our meme creator or GIF creator page, applying more movement to the traditional Crying Cat meme.

Meme Templates

Memes are flexible structures into which people derive their contents by adding or inserting into them texts or pictures. They may contain the aforementioned Crying Cat picture, and it offers the opportunity to make modified memes instantly. It is most prominent with meme products where users can easily create and disseminate their versions on social media platforms.

Crying Cat memes: static or animated – give the internet viewers this perfect combination of laughter and melancholy shareable content.

Crying Cat Memes
Crying Cat Memes


Trending Hashtags

The crying cat meme has at one point gone viral on the most popular social media sites, such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Specifically, it has trending hashtags such as #CryingCat, #SadCat, and the famous #CryingCatMeme. Such hashtags assist the users in searching for and posting the newest as well as the most amusing crying cat memes.

Viral Examples

One of the most viral examples is the PNG image of a sad and crying fat cat. This particular image is perfect for creating relatable and humorous memes on social media platforms. Another popular example is the “crying cat” meme with added hearts, injecting irony and humor into the otherwise melancholic feline expression.

The meme of the crying cat is a powerful tool for online expression because it can evoke both humor and sadness.

Psychological Appeal of the Crying Cat Meme

Emotional Connection

The Crying Cat Meme has a unique way of tugging at our heartstrings. The teary, glassy eyes of the cat evoke a sense of sadness and empathy, making it highly relatable. This emotional connection is what makes the meme so captivating and shareable.

Humor and Sadness

The meaning of Crying Cat Meme explains a kind of humor but at the same time provokes a sad feeling. This juxtaposition of a cheerful decoration of a cute cat and the sadness depicted in a cat’s face makes people feel a little melancholic, yet happy at the same time. That is why, viewing this meme, I combine both laughter and warm, positive emotions in my mind.

Due to the amazing display of the emotional spectrum, the Crying Cat Meme now takes its rightful place in Internet Memeology.


The Crying Cat Meme is considered popular because it feels relevant. After all, often we are sad but sarcastically amused at the same time. Whether it’s a mere annoyance or a key life change, the meme can be accurate in capturing our reaction in at least an amusing sort of way.


The Crying Cat Meme is also not devoid of entertainment and fun, albeit in a sadistic way; thus, one can derive some fun out of hating things, too. Since the viewers laugh at a meme, they can break free from their own anxious emotions, which can help to reduce stress and contribute to the therapeutic effect.

Social Bonding

Using Crying Cat Memes also has the purpose of sharing information, as well as gaining the support or sympathy of other people. Well, one thing that is being shared on these social platforms is not just a humorous picture; it is a piece of ourselves where feelings are being expressed and thus people become united.

Crying Cat Meme Merchandise

Popular Products

If you’re a fan of the Crying Cat meme, you’ll be thrilled to know there’s a wide range of high-quality crying cat-inspired merch available.

T-shirts and posters for younger crowds, stickers, and home accessories for everyone. These are some of the most popular examples that are usually developed and marketed by individual artists, which makes each of them truly original.

Where to Buy

You can quickly locate the right Crying Cat meme shirt for you since the internet makes it pretty simple.

    • Etsy: One can always look at Etsy for some handmade and vintage pieces, even for Crying Cat meme limited edition products.

    • Redbubble: It is popular for its stock of numerous clothes designs of different kinds from independent designers.

    • Amazon: The store offers a very diverse range of Crying Cat meme products, very often with the possibility to choose fast shipping.

    • Teespring: They mostly deal with produced-on-demand fashion, such as Crying Cat meme t-shirts and sweatshirts.

If you want a gift or need a souvenir for yourself, there is nothing like having a Crying Cat meme as a part of your outfit.

Controversies Surrounding the Crying Cat Meme

The Crying Cat Meme, while often humorous, has sparked debates about the ethical considerations of using animals in memes.

Critics state that depicting cats in a sad mood after photo manipulation is a form of entertaining the world using the images of cats. It leaves questions about consent and the possibility of harm, and the cats themselves may not be physically ill.

The meme has also received different opinions and reactions from users across various social media platforms. As much as the meme is entertaining and may be relevant to many, others argue that it is an insult to the feelings of sadness and stress. This divide can be seen in different forums and social media sites as people discuss the meme’s propriety.

The Crying Cat Meme has gained immense popularity and become a popular meme in the internet community; it is, however, crucial to consider the ethical consequences and the community response to the meme.

Crying Cat Meme: What Comes Next?

Evolving Trends

The crying cat meme has been able to withstand the dynamics of the internet culture and remains one of the most used memes to date. New subtypes are still being developed and published, which keeps the meme lively and up to date. From still images to the much more popular animated GIFs, this meme, though not as popular as it once was, has earned its right to be remembered.

Potential Longevity

Due to the versatility and the ability of the meme to evoke an emotional response, the crying cat meme is expected to persist in the coming years. Because memes can be funny and at the same time make a person feel sad it is a versatile tool of expression on the Internet. In all probability, as long as users of the Internet are in search of an effective way of expressing all their feelings, the crying cat meme will be popular.

The crying cat meme seems to have a promising future and is likely to become as popular as a psychic cat costume tarot card that holds a promise of endless opportunities for the future.


Indeed, the Crying Cat meme that was born from a simple, and more importantly, touching photo of a cat crying, has become a significant part of the world of internet memes. The Crying Cat has had its origin from a simple photoshopped image to an easily recognizable and popular meme that has had a positive reception from people. It doesn’t matter if you have been following this meme for a long time or you are just getting to know it, the reason why this meme is still popular is because it captures the happiness or sadness of both humans and animals in the form of expressions which everyone can identify with. When using and enjoying these memes, the Crying Cat will also be a part of the history of Internet culture.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Crying Cat meme?

The Crying Cat meme, also known as Schmuserkadser, is a collection of pictures in which pictures of cats with teary and glassy eyes are edited so that they look as if they are crying.

When did the Crying Cat meme first appear online?

The Crying Cat meme can be traced back to the early years of the internet, especially on social media platforms such as Reddit and 4chan.

What are the common visual elements of a Crying Cat meme?

The characteristic features that can be seen in most memes are a picture of a cat with big tears drawn on it and the text expressing sadness or humor.

How has the Crying Cat meme influenced internet culture?

The Crying Cat meme is one of the most popular memes on the internet, generating countless derivatives and being applied to convey feelings in comments and discussions.

What tools can I use to create my own Crying Cat meme?

To make a Crying Cat meme, there are applications such as Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, or you can use the online meme makers.

Are there any popular variations of the Crying Cat meme?

Yes, popular variations include the Screaming Crying Cat meme, Crying Cat meme hearts, and Crying Cat heart meme.

Where can I buy Crying Cat meme merchandise?

Some of the mainstream e-commerce platforms that offer Crying Cat meme-related merchandise include the likes of Etsy, Redbubble, and Amazon.

Are there any controversies surrounding the Crying Cat meme?

It uses some controversies such as ethical issues in the use of animals in images and the reactions of the communities to this meme.