Funny Cat Quotes
Funny Cat Quotes


1. PC Cast and Kristin Cast

3. Connie Willis

funny cat with a humorous expression

Cats, as you know, are quite impervious to threats.

In the title: On Harlan Ellison, and Behaving Badly – Bryce Moore, snippet: because the first time I was made aware of him was when I watched him in person as he groped the breast of Connie Willis, a writer whose work I had read …

4. George Carlin

Meow Means Woof

Funny Cat Poster

Cat Lovers Quote Print

5. Charles Dickens

funny cat with a book by Charles Dickens

6. James Herriot

“Cats are connoisseurs of comfort”

“Expressions of love”

A Happy Arrangement

7. Kate Phillips and Terri Robertson

funny cats with humorous quotes, featuring playful and mischievous expressions, in a cozy home setting

8. Krista M.

9. Zibby Wilder

funny cat with a humorous expression

Outings – Attic24

10. Krista M.


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The inspiration for the article on funny cat quotes stems from the fact that cats cannot talk, yet their expressions often suggest as if they are saying something humorous.

As the title suggests the content of the article revolves around fun and humor which is associated with cats. They seek to present some of the most joyous cat quotes that are written by different writers and comedians.

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This article provides information and teachings from different authors such as PC Cast, Kristin Cast, Genki Kawamura, Connie Willis, George Carlin, Charles Dickens, James Herriot, Kate Phillips, Terri Robertson, Krista M., and Mrs. Zibby Wilder.

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Do you know that there are jokes, expressions, and other amusing related to cat personality? For more funny cat jokes or any other humor related to cats, you can read other articles.

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Other examples of cat humor can be seen in a portion of the Website devoted to funny cats and categorized humor blogs, pet Websites, and many social networking sites that contain cat humor and videos.