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10 Hilarious Communication Memes That Will Make You Laugh


Key Takeaways

  • Memes can provide a humorous perspective on common workplace scenarios.
  • Laughter can be a great way to relieve stress and build camaraderie among coworkers.
  • Communication memes often highlight the absurdities of meetings and remote work.
  • Sharing memes can make tedious work tasks more enjoyable.
  • Humor in the workplace can improve overall morale and productivity.

1. Beginning of Every Meeting

office meeting

2. The Showtime

person checking watch

3. The Tech Trouble

Ah, the classic tech troubles that plague every meeting. Whether it’s a frozen screen, a microphone that refuses to work, or the infamous “Can you hear me now?” moment, tech issues are inevitable. These moments are so common that IT departments often turn to memes, jokes, and pranks to lighten the office environment. Here’s a collection of the best IT humor and memes.

  • The frozen screen
  • The unresponsive microphone
  • The “Can you hear me now?” moment

When technology fails, it’s the task of IT to apologize and update everyone regularly on the status of the problem. Over-communication? Nah, it’s just part of the job.

4. The Meeting That Could Have Been An Email

funny meeting email meme

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way, and I’m afraid, will never work that way.

5. Quick Meeting

6. Mute Your Microphone

mute microphone meme

7. No Agenda, No Attend-a

8. You’ve Got Mail

  • The thrill of a new opportunity.
  • The anxiety of an unexpected task.
  • The curiosity about who could be reaching out.

Sometimes, it feels like people get some twisted enjoyment out of sending meeting invites. They can keep sending them, and we’ll just keep… begrudgingly accepting them.

9. The Struggle is Real

10. The Joys of Remote Work


It may take only 10 minutes to relax, but it will help you to return to work with much more energy here are 10 to brighten up your workday.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of this article?

The purpose of this article is to provide a humorous take on common communication scenarios through memes, making readers laugh and de-stress.

Who would enjoy this article?

Anyone who has experienced the quirks and challenges of work meetings, especially those who enjoy memes, will find this article entertaining.

How can I share these memes with my coworkers?

You can share these memes through email, messaging apps like Pumble, Teams, or Zoom, or even print them out and post them in the office.

Are these memes suitable for all work environments?

Most of these memes are light-hearted and suitable for general work environments. However, always consider your specific workplace culture before sharing.

Why are memes effective in communication?

Memes are effective because they are relatable, easy to understand, and can convey complex ideas or emotions quickly and humorously.

Can I create my own meeting memes?

Absolutely! You can use meme generators available online to create personalized meeting memes that reflect your unique work experiences.

What should I do if someone gets offended by a meme?

If someone gets offended, it’s important to apologize and remove the meme. Always be mindful of the diverse perspectives and sensitivities in your workplace.

Where can I find more work-related memes?

You can find more work-related memes on social media platforms, meme websites, or by following meme accounts dedicated to office humor.

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